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Our Services

Sustainability is no small undertaking, regardless of an organization's size, business or infrastructure.  System and design innovation are no small tasks.  Given the changing dynamics of the economy and the market place, many of our clients are looking for strategies to combine these two emphases in unique ways to bring greater value to their consumers.  

Clients that seek our facilitation services are looking for a fresh approach to their design and problem solving process that includes going outside, getting out of corporate comfort zones and learning new tools and skills to nurture innovation within their organizations.   ​


We engage with our clients in an interactive, transdisciplinary dialogue to inform their problem-solving process with insights from sustainability-oriented innovation management research and nature-based systems solutions. We seek immersive, creative, and open relationships built on trust that transcend business and bring  people, companies and cultures towards deepened sustainability. Our process for engaging varies depending on our client's goals, culture, and workflows and our approach is developed in close collaboration with our client team members.

Strategic Exploration

Innovation Process Facilitation

Strategy and Design Research

Clients often come to us with specific design challenges that require specific design research and insights.  In these instances, customized design research may be the best solution to meet the needs of the project.

A collaborative research process can include varying degrees of translation depending on the audience.  Research may be presented technically for more science-minded clients while those in less technical disciplines can benefit from more graphic and written representations.

An iterative research process can vary from 2 week to 6 months depending on the client and the depth of research they are seeking. 

Our clients are recognizing that consumers are demanding greater levels of environmental accountability.  According to research done by Havas Media, consumers believe that only 20% of brands are having a positive impact on our sense of wellbeing and quality of life.  

Our strategic exploration sessions are the entry point for understanding how innovation and nature can connect those who create stuff with those who use stuff in meaningful ways that deepen connections with each other and with the planet.  We utilize our innovation readiness assessment tool to meet clients where they are on their sustainability journey and devise a plan to take them forward utilizing insights from nature.

Product Design

For some organizations, it is common practice to seek outside development for design innovation.  Our start-to-finish ​design services are another way to bring a new nature-inspired innovation to the marketplace. Our approach includes design, life cycle assessment, and innovation management for sustainability.


Our team is well-equipped to analyze the marketplace of your needs, find a unique branding perspective that speaks to you and your target audience, and develop a customized solution ready for production.  We work with your team to understand your internal resource availability and gaps, and leverage internal resources to ensure optimized solutions emerge.

The scope and conditions of joint product development vary and generally coincide with existing new product develoipment cycles.

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