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Inspired by Nature's Patterns

Inspired by the Hardwood Forest

With a wide array of clients interested in the confluence of innovation, sustainability and nature, they come to us with a diversity of interests and goals. Our consulting approach is adapted to the needs and circumstances of our clients and applied broad spectrum of challenges and scales.  We've included a sampling here.


Using an intensive research process, the Symbiosis team developed a readiness assessment tool and guide for organizations interested in using nature-based inspiration in their innovation process.  This assessment tool is currently being beta-tested in corporate settings to guide the sustainability-oriented innovation process.

In partnership with Seek Research in Cincinnati, OH, Symbiosis researched various biological strategies for connecting consumers with health and beauty in a consumer products line.  This research was developed into ideation cards that could be used during a new product innovation session.  

Symbiosis was invited by the Environmental Protection Agency to facilitate a session on biomimetic problem solving as part of a larger course on biomimicry with professionals from various backgrounds.  They provided feedback and guidance for the students on their design challenges which ranged in scope from local climate change solutions to how to communicate more effectively within an organization.  

In partnership with Biomimicry 3.8, based in Missoula, MT, members of Symbiosis facilitated a 4-day New Product Innovation Workshop for a consumer products company in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  The team members are currently taking the ideas generated in that session through their internal product development process.

Inspired By a Sense of Smallness

Inspired by Nature's Forms and Materials

Members of the Symbiosis team worked collaboratively with Biohabitats and the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission to design the next generation of Green Bulkheads along the Cuyahoga River Navigation Channel using biomimicry.  Symbiosis led a workshop for stakeholders on how to look to nature for design guidance and a design charrette to develop design concepts inspired by nature.

Inspired by the Watershed

Forum Studios in St. Louis, MO invited Symbiosis to facilitate a 2-day exploration session of nature's strategies for design in the Central US Hardwood Forest.  The team walked away with innovative solutions for applying nature's strategies to their commercial building design ranging from land use and landscape design to interiors and architecture. 

Inspired by Best Practices in Innovation
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