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Our Research

Our team utilizes a combination of research-led processes and practical experiences in our engagement with our clients.  A sampling of this research is available below.  If you have specific interests in other research related to nature-inspired innovation, our founder Taryn Mead maintains a current library of resources and can be contacted here.

Research Publications

For a current listing of research publications from Taryn Mead, please visit her page on

New Book Release
Bioinspiration in Business and Management: Innovating for Sustainability
By Taryn Mead, PhD

 Many organizations have found themselves well advanced in their sustainability strategies and reaching the limits of progress made through eco-efficiency measures and regulatory compliance. Looking for novel approaches and solutions, many managers are turning to bioinspiration and related fields such as biomimicry, nature-inspired innovation, circular economy, and cradle to cradle as tools for sustainability-oriented innovation. This innovation paradigm has been gaining popularity across disciplines in recent decades as the world grapples with the challenge of sustainable development. This book offers a succinct guide and overview for managers and sustainability professionals who are interested in exploring various aspects of business inspired by nature. With applicability ranging from technological, organizational, and system-building innovations, there is a broad realm of possibilities that suit a manager’s scope of influence regardless of their position within the organization. This book aims to exhibit the applications of business inspired by nature that extend beyond the boundaries of the organization and encourage open innovation with novel partners in unlikely scenarios, with all partners aligned by the principles of natural systems.

This book can be purchased here.

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