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Our Approach

​We are in the midst of an paradigm shift in innovation...
...from mechanical, linear thinking to ecological, systems thinking.

The last 50 years have brought immense changes in our understanding of complex systems, interdependence, and the biological world. Our observation skills and technologies are developing at an exponential pace, leading to deep insights into the functioning of natural systems.  Our newfound view into these systems is uncovering immense potential for human innovation and ideation for sustainability.  

Our consulting approach delivers a deep understanding of ecological systems paired with a state of the art knowledge of innovation management for sustainability.  We help our clients to develop systemic approaches to their sustainability and innovation challenges based on the principles and processes of ecological systems.  Ecological systems embody innumerable life cycles, processes, and system dynamics that have distinct parallels with many of the experiences that the human species creates. By drawing on these parallels, we create experiences for innovation and ideation that take clients through transformative sequencing towards sustainable solutions.

Our clients' experiences very often start outside, beyond the world of human creations and into the creations of evolution.  What we will find may surprise us.  The diversity of problem solving strategies in the natural world is vast and awaiting exploration. Our team is uniquely skilled in business and management, industrial design, innovation processes, and creativity for sustainable solutions and frequently uses a facilitated group process to engage with our clients.

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