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We believe that sustainability of the human species starts with a sense of sustainability from within ourselves.  We are people who live our values and our greatest value is life and living it fully.  We go outside. We take time off to explore the world.   We buy local products and support our farmers. We try to get enough sleep and stretch frequently (although sometimes with limited success.)  We aim for balance. 


We trust each other in a world of skepticism.  We believe in creating a pace of life that allows us to make good decisions, that supports our families and allows us to contribute to society in ways beyond our careers.  In the words of Janine Benyus, author of "Biomimicry:  Innovation Inspired by Nature", we strive '"to create conditions to life'" for all life on earth. 

We believe that communities take many shapes and forms and businesses are an integral part of these communities.  We give back.  And we work with clients who do the same.

We believe in the infinite potential of impassioned people.  And together, we're just crazy enough to make a difference.

Sustainability starts from within...

Our Values

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